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If my Automatic transmission -may- have a small leak, Do I... 1) Have gasket(s) changed, or 2) Stop-Leak ATF?

My 1995 Ford Escort - may- have a small Transmission Fluid leak. This is because the Oil Change shop couldn't come to a conclusion about whether it was leaking or not, they just saw (smelled? They were under the car when it was off) what looked like Transmission Fluid wither seeping, or trying to seep, from the pan. I didnt look at it myself, but I saw the tech (young kid) wondering if it really was a leak.

My transmission has 148,000 miles. My bigegst concern is how to change the Vacuum line someone in another post said may be contributing greatly to rough shifts *and I was going to ask that person where to find it, and if it is common for shops to change it, to help it shift better, since it makes sense it would affect it.

As for the Fluid itself: I recently added a little under a quart, as it was low. I did so after my drive from NJ to Westernmost PA.Now my transmission is OK, and it felt good on the Highway. (I wonder if the fluid level went 'up' on the highway, like Tire Pressure does, due to heat and expansion, thus making it feel OK.)

-I- feel like if the Transmission Is leaking, or seeping, or wanting to leak, the leak would be from the Gasket. If that is so, I would love a shop that has no qualms about working on it to:

1) Drop the Transmission Pan,

2) Change the Gasket and Screen and Filter, as all three are on an AT if I recall right;

3) -NOT- FLUSH THE FLUID THAT IS IN THERE AND THE TORQUE CONVERTER, as I believe the stories about new ATF killing Old ATs when they are flushed and changed completely; and

4) Re-filling the lost ATF with Valvoline MaxLife, probably about 3 quarts for the pan-dropping, maybe with 1 bottle of Stop-Leak MaxLife ATF added... And Vaccum line 'changed,' Gasket and Transmission replaced, Transmission saved, 1/3 the fluid changed. I would -love- to do this.

Is that the best way to go here? Will I be able to find a shop to pay to -do- that? A transmission place will charge more and want to do it all, right? So should I just look for a general mechanic, and talk him into it?

Or should I just pour the Stop-Leak ATF in there and hope it seals itself? I heard that too much of that is NOT good.

Anything else I need to be aware of with this issue, of wanting to service my still-good transmission before it becomes worse in a way that won't kill it?

Thanks! - JosephIf my Automatic transmission -may- have a small leak, Do I... 1) Have gasket(s) changed, or 2) Stop-Leak ATF?
drop the pan and change the fluid and filter with a new gasket. by all means don,t, i repete don,t flush it or you could wind up with more leaks. what about looking under it and see if the pan is wet. if it,s just a pan gasket then that,s not too bad but lets just hope it,s not the front seal or you will be looking at some money there.If my Automatic transmission -may- have a small leak, Do I... 1) Have gasket(s) changed, or 2) Stop-Leak ATF?
If you have not had the transmission serviced, at 140,000 miles it needs it. So just find a shop that will service it right. That is the filter removed, cleaned/replaced, and refilled. But avoid chain transmission and auto service franchises (like AAMCO).

Yes, transmission fluid does expand as it gets warmer.

Also the leak maybe some where else. Like a rotten line to the transmission cooler, or a leaking seal. But before you go out and spend a fortune on transmission replacement, realize that transmission even new use some fluid. That is why the level needs to be checked on a regular basis.

As for hanging shifts, changing the fluid and a new filter may correct this problem too.If my Automatic transmission -may- have a small leak, Do I... 1) Have gasket(s) changed, or 2) Stop-Leak ATF?
Change the filter and pan gasket don't mess with that stop leak crap.If my Automatic transmission -may- have a small leak, Do I... 1) Have gasket(s) changed, or 2) Stop-Leak ATF?
clean the under side of the engine and transmission. then drive around for awhile and check again. if you keep an eye on it for a while you can determine where the leak is coming from.then you will know where to start. don't use stop leak until last resort ,(that would only be temporary anyhow ) and you would eventually have to replace seals.

Find the leak first

How many quarts of oil in my 1983 toyota trans?

I want to change the filter and pan gasket on my 1983 toyota cressida and dont know how many quarts to put back

thanksHow many quarts of oil in my 1983 toyota trans?
Just call a shop! or Google the question

I have an 1987 Ford F150 that needs a tune up and more?

The 87 Ford F150 is a 2WD 4.9L in-line 6 manuel trans with dual tank. I changed the oil and oil filter, replaced the wiper motor with used part (mine was slow and stopping), new wipers, replaced the power booster with used part (mine had vacuum leak)(also this one is a little bigger then old one was), replaced bad seal in RR axle and added new gear oil, replaced 90% of brake lines because of rusty and broke when bleeding brakes (all clean brake Fluid now in lines), replaced center drag link (mine was egged and loose steering), replaced seals in steering for leaking, and added clamps to leaf springs (old ones broke or missing). I am not sure what else is need to do a tune up. I see and know of new spark plug wires and dis. cap. New starter and starter solenoid. The truck is running rich with black spitting out exhaust pipe. Have to change the valve cover gasket because of leaking oil as well as oil pan gasket. For oil pan gasket can i use the liquid gasket on it or buy a gasket? Please help me with my truck. How do i test the EGR valve also? Thank you!!I have an 1987 Ford F150 that needs a tune up and more?
try to check it out first on auto repair shop..I have an 1987 Ford F150 that needs a tune up and more?
I think you may have spent more than the truck is worth, but I think I can help with the brake light problem.

The switch for the brake light is inside near the top of the pedal. As the pedal is mashed, the switch contact makes and the lights come on. there is normally an adjusting nut to set the plunger closer to the pedal in full released position. you need to adjust so that there is about the double distance of a matchbook cover between the plunger and the pedal. This should allow the lights to come on as soon as any pressure is placed on the pedal.I have an 1987 Ford F150 that needs a tune up and more?
sounds like a vaccuum leak causing the richness and that produces the black smoke. check power booster for leaks or disconnected line.

have someone press brakes while you listen near booster for sounds of air leak. if no check other vaccuum lines by carefully spraying carb cleaner on all lines and if you hear a change in engine idle while doing this then the leak is in that area.

also adjust brake light switch.

Have a 1990 hoda accord wont start?

i changed the oil and replaced the pan gasket, changed the thermostat had to disconect 2 sensors to get to the thermostat did not disconect battery.. put everything back the way i took it off did not break any wires off ...or for get anything went to start the car and car wont start any ideals, on why it wont start by not disconnecting the battery when i took off the sensors have anything to do with it? and if so how do i reset the the brain tryed to disconect the batery and reconnecting car turns over just wont startHave a 1990 hoda accord wont start?
Sounds to me as if a trip to the local Honda repairman for a little talk is advisable.

If your battery power is low, charge it.

Check the connections that you disconnected to make sure -- if you can do it without loosing all the new oil you put in.

You didn't touch by mistake the wires from the ignition system?

Sorry, not much help -- if your car turns over, I would try again, this time floor the accelerator and keep it there - no pumping -- while you let the engine turn over for a little while. If it is flooded this should help.

Edit: perhaps by means of a voltmeter you may be able to determine from the outside if inside sensors (if that's what they were) are connected properly?Have a 1990 hoda accord wont start?
it sound liek ur crank sencor got disconected other then that then ur rotor module got burned out .unless it's newer brand andrun on a module and coil .Have a 1990 hoda accord wont start?
sounds like your crank sensor(located by the pan gasket on the engine block) it may have come disconnected without your knowing.

Water in my trucks oil?

ok my truck was running fine but i was a lil behind on my oil change so yesterday i went and got my oil changed at a local shop and than went to pick up my friend that lives 60 miles away, 50 miles of interstate, well i go pick him up and everything was ok. well going today to drop him off and after about 30 miles of interstate i hear a pop and i see smoke coming out my exaust in the rear view mirror, than my power steering went out but i got to the side of the road and noticed my brakes were not working either, than i realized my truck shut itself off for some reason. so i look under the truck and see oil coming out from the passanger side of the oil pan where the gasket is. the wrecker told me that there was a good bit of water in my oil cuz it was a yellowish color and it was not really oil textured, how could water get in there i know it wasnt from the shop, it was a well known shop idk if i can say any names on here but it must have got in there some other way, btw there was no leaks that we could see from the outside of the engine like around the heads that water could have got inWater in my trucks oil?
Check the radiater. It holds water to help cool the engine. It might have a leak in it.Water in my trucks oil?
Head Gasket.Water in my trucks oil?
he was talking about anti-freeze in your oil from a blown head gasket or intake gasket. if it was the head gasket or intake gasket then you won,t see it from the outside. that,s what it sounds to me like, the head gasket or intake gasket. water flows through the intake too.
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  • 1986 GM Chev 350 4Barral carb?

    i replace the th350 tranny to a 700r4 i'm having problem trying to find an oil leak change pan gasket about 7 times, change all the seals before installation, dry between converter and frt pump could it be the o ring that goose around the frt pump. also can someone tell me how to adjust the reverse lite . it come on when i put it nutral please help. Thanks in Advance1986 GM Chev 350 4Barral carb?
    When changing trannys sometimes the dipstick tube can go through a real beating. replace that o-ring. also make sure all lines are tight. dry everything off and try it again. try to look immediately and you will see where it is coming from (before you drive it)

    Rev light: use the switch on the trans instead of the one on the car. since the positioning has changed, the one on the gear selector will likely not be adjustable to that extent. the 700R4 has a switch for the reverse light function.

    Auto mechanic rip

    I went in for my routine oil change when the mechanic advised me I had a leak to my 94 Legend. They temporarily fixed this by using an oversized plug.(?) That seemed to remedy the problem but as time went on the little spots on my driveway turned into huge leaks. My mechanic said that the oil pan needed to be changed out and a new gasket kit installed. The job cost me $700 ($300 of labor). That was in Aug 06.

    I've had suspicions about my mechanic and how there always seems to be a problem with my car. I have changed mechanics since then. On my last oil change I was advised that I have an oil leak. I had 2 different shops inspect the oil pan/gasket to see if it had really been replaced and both shops said no. One even went as far as to say that they just probably cleaned the pan to look new but upon futher inspection they can definitely say it had not been replaced.

    What should I do now? Would getting a lawyer be worth it? I'm leary of going back to the mechanic.Auto mechanic rip
    Contact the Bureau Of Automotive Repair if you have one in your state. Or the Better Business BureauAuto mechanic rip
    always get a second opinion.................Auto mechanic rip
    You can go back and ask him where he bought the pan from, and have him show you HIS receipt for the pan, NOT the receipt he gave you. Also, you can ask him if he still has your old pan. You can take him to small claims court if you feel you have been ripped off. Make sure you take your other mechanics as witnesses. Getting a lawyer over 700 dollars isn't worth it. Sounds to me like you have a strong case.

    From now on, anytime you have parts changed on your car, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask to have the old parts back. This will assure you that the parts have been changed.Auto mechanic rip
    It certainly sounds a little odd. Using an oversized plug will in no way stop a leak in an oil pan gasket. As far as a lawyer, I think that the cost of the lawyer, and the time involved for yourself might be more trouble than it's worth. Has anyone been able to tell you at this point what this leak is? It would be interesting to find out.Auto mechanic rip
    If that was recent, take it back, most work at any decent shop will have something like 6mo/6k mi warranty on their work, it will say on the paperwork you signed. If its still covered (longer than 6 mo/6k)... tell them its leaking again, fix it. Funny though, I have an 89 Legend (great choice in cars btw) and the plug, unless cross threaded (prob by them) should never leak. My legend has had the oil changed about every 2k mi and its up to 340k, thats roughly 170 problem here... I cant believe they would suggest a larger olug in the first place. Anyways. If they didnt put on a new one, take pictures, you could take them to small claims court. Besides that, you should ask what the other shops would charge to change it.... its a pretty easy job when its on a lift.... drain the oil, pull the pan and seal, install reverse...add oil and your good.....Auto mechanic rip
    i would go back to them n ask them to fix it or write them a letter saying that u acknowledge that the oil pan has not been replace n being inspected by 2 other mechanic shop and ask for refund the money of the work they did . if no response i would take them to a small claim court and settle there with all the evidence u haveAuto mechanic rip
    Your drain plug was probably stripped out from over tightening. Honda/Acuras are famous for being prone to this problem. The only way to fix it right is to replace the pan or repair (weld nut on inside) the pan. Either way the pan has to be removed. I do think the costs seem high. You should check the rates from an Acura dealer. They can look it up in a book. If you were over charged, take them to small claims. Judges don't like crooks. BTW. quick change oil places are known to over tighten and strip drain plugs. The proper method is to use a torque wrench and the replace the crush washer ($0.25) every time the plug is removed.Auto mechanic rip
    Well not really be worth it but you need to let him know you caught him and tell him your going to turn him in not only to the better business bureau but the certifiecating office for mechanics they will yank his licenseAuto mechanic rip
    Time is a factor with this. If it has been too long or no cooperation with the mechanic, report it to anybody that will listen, Better Business Bureau, Media, Law Enforcement(fraud), Ministry of Transportation, etc. Make sure you have all paper work to back your story and even statements from the other mechanics.